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Intensive 12 week courses with a professional focus.

Online Copywriting

Earn a living as an online copywriter, or learn how to promote products and services online.

This practical, online course guides you through the development of professional copywriting skills. Whether your goal is to work as a copywriter full-time or you need strong copywriting skills in your professional life, this course will give you the tools and knowledge you need. The course fee includes all course material, delivered direct to your inbox in a pdf format, and full tutorial support from an experienced online copywriter.

Blogging for a Living

Learn how to earn a living as a blogger with this indepth practical course.

This is a comprehensive online course during which your expert tutor will guide you through the process of planning, designing and launching a professional blog. You’ll also learn how to market your blog effectively. During the second half of the course you’ll focus on building traffic, promoting and monetizing your blog. You’ll have access to the latest research, techniques and ideas, as well as an expert blogging tutor who you can contact at any time.

About Us

Online Training with Expert Support

Develop your writing skills with our unique online training. Work one-to-one with an expert personal tutor who is also a professional writer. Our courses allow you to fit study into your life in way that suits you.

Our courses are designed to help you develop the skills you need to begin earning an income from your online writing. You’ll develop your core writing and editing skills as well as exploring a range of online markets for your writing, and learning how to market your work.

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